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Installing Plastic Edging: 5 Little Known Tricks for Easiest Installation

Plastic landscape edging is both practical and inexpensive, making it a great landscape edging option for tons of people wanting to upgrade their landscape. Even better news… installing plastic edging can be quick and easy if you educate yourself on tips and tactics — and do a little prep work — first! Typically, plastic edging comes in kits that provide everything you’ll need for a successful installation. These kits usually include the plastic edging pieces, stakes to provide stability, and connectors to allow your edging to flow seamlessly around your garden bed. Again, the plastic landscape edging process is relatively simple and can be accomplished in just a few hours. To make the process of installing plastic edging even more...

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Landscape Edging "Best Practices": How to Do It Right

Every time you see a beautifully landscaped and edged lawn, do you feel a little green with envy? Wonder how they do it—how they get that clean, sleek, line and maybe even more important (and confusing!) than that… how do they keep it that way over time? It’s no doubt that edging gives a lawn a finished, polished, look. However, it can also serve a functional purpose as well, keeping grass and weeds off of driveways and sidewalks and out of gardens and beds. Because of this dual purpose in terms of the benefits of landscape edging, there can be many different techniques and strategies for landscape edging one can take when creating and maintaining a cleanly manicured, edged, lawn....

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How to Install Flower Bed Edging that Keeps Weeds Out—For Good!

For those of us who love gardening, little looks as beautiful —or feels as nice — as a flower bed that is blooming with healthy, bright, blooms. Thus, the last thing we want to see in our beloved horticultural masterpiece is patches of ugly, wild, weeds marring the brilliance. But… aren’t weeds just something we have to deal with when we decide to install flower beds in our yard? Believe it or not, the answer is a resounding, “NO!” Choosing and installing the right lawn edging for flower beds not only helps prevent weeds from taking over your flower beds, but it can also block them from ever invading at all. Again, however, the key is that the edging must...

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