Grass Barrier Redirecting Surface Water

Grass Barrier, known for its exceptional ability to edge and control grass, now brings you an innovative new application: Redirecting Surface Water. 

Application: Redirecting Surface Water

The utilization of Grass Barrier presents a practical method for redirecting surface water. This innovative solution involves implementing a barrier made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a material recognized for its impermeability to water. The Grass Barrier effectively intercepts and guides surface water, addressing potential concerns like soil erosion, flooding, and uncontrolled runoff.

One of the standout advantages of Grass Barrier is its versatility. It can be strategically placed in areas prone to water accumulation, such as slopes, fence lines, and driveways. By intercepting and redirecting water flow, Grass Barrier helps preserve the integrity of the landscape and sedimentation in nearby water bodies.

Furthermore, Grass Barrier can play a role in flood mitigation. By regulating the flow of surface water, they can help alleviate the strain on existing drainage systems during heavy rainfall.

    What's It All About? Your home deserves a landscape free from flooding, soil erosion, and unwanted water collection. With Grass Barrier, achieve just that! Fashioned from the resilient high-density polyethylene (HDPE) – a champ at repelling water – this barrier serves as your home's frontline defense against runoff.

    Why It's a Must-Have for Every Homeowner:

    • Strategic Placement: Be it a sloping garden, close proximity to fences, or those often-flooded driveways, Grass Barrier fits in seamlessly, ushering water away from structures.

    • Protect & Preserve: Bid adieu to landscape degradation. This barrier ensures the very soil, plants, and structures of your space remain intact, all while guiding away excess water.

    • Flood Mitigation: Heavy rains can overwhelm drainage systems. Let Grass Barrier take the reins, mitigating the risks and ensuring your landscape remains as picturesque as ever.

    With Grass Barrier, homeowners now have a tried-and-tested ally in the battle against pesky water runoff. Secure your landscape and home's foundation with this game-changing innovation!

      Product Specifications:

      • Material: 100% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
      • Width: 10 inches
      • Thickness: 80 mils
      • Length: Available in various lengths to suit different fence sizes
      • Puncture Resistance: ASTM D 4833 puncture resistance of 200 pound-force
      • Lifespan: Can last over 100 years