Installation Instructions

Things you will need:

Grass Barrier (10″ depth)
Comes coiled, simply unroll and leave out in the sun for a few minutes to loosen the memory.

Trenching shovel
Any shovel will work however trenching shovels will require the least effort.

wheel barrow and knee pads

Optional: a wheel barrow, knee pads
Wheel barrow makes cleanup easy by keeping removed dirt out of your grass.

Step 1:
Lay Barrier in the sun for a few minutes, coiled side down. It is best to lay a heavy object on each end to hold it down. Tip: Bricks are a great choice to hold down the barrier.

Step 2:
Dig a 6″ to 8″ inch trench along your grass edge. Most grass roots are in the first 6” of soil. Grass Barrier can be installed at various depths to meet your specific needs. Ensure all parts of the trench are the same depth for a clean and smooth installation.

Step 3:
Install Grass Barrier in the trench. Take care to ensure the material is vertical when installing to avoid a wavy edge when finished. If cutting is required it can be cut with a sharp utility knife.

Step 4:
Back-fill the trench and pack soil tightly to hold in place. Alternate sides when packing the soil down to straighten any curved areas and ensure a straight finish.