Your Grass Barrier: How to Edge a Yard In Under 3 Hours

When you take pride in your lawn, it can bring you immense joy. In fact, it can seem like nothing looks better than when your lawn is freshly cut and especially, freshly edged too.

Unfortunately, many people carry the mistaken impression that edging a lawn — but especially, maintaining a well-edged lawn — can be a lot of hard work. In fact, it can sometimes seem or feel like it’s too much work.

But the good news is that isn’t always the case!

A freshly edged yard doesn’t have to take a super long time. In fact, it is possible to edge a yard quickly and easily with the secrets below on how to edge a yard in under three hours.

So, how do you create and maintain a clean, crisp, edge in your yard without spending a ton of time and effort in the process?

The first tip is to begin with an initial crisp edge between your lawn and garden areas.

You’ll want to begin by mowing the yard well. Then, you will use a landscape edging tool — gas, electric, or manual — to create the edge where you want it.

Next, lawn edging products like Grass Barrier help keep your yard and garden both neat and tidy by providing a physical barrier between the two areas.

Furthermore, installing landscape edging with a product like Grass Barrier not only makes maintaining your edge designs quicker and easier, it is actually quick and easy to implement in the first place.

Here are some simple steps to installing Grass Barrier:
  • You will dig a trench. The trench should be 6 to 8 inches deep, largely dependent on your grass type. Generally speaking, you want to ensure that you dig the trench deep enough so that it will be lower down into the earth than the roots of your specific grass type will grow. It’s very important to make the trench uniform across the entire length.
  • You will then place Grass Barrier in the trench. The sharp edge that penetrates the ground easily will help hold it int place. It’s critical to make sure the material is straight up and down vertically or you could have a wavy edge when you’re done with the landscape edging installation. A neat tip is to unroll Grass Barrier and let it sit in the sun for a bit as when it warms, the roll memory will release a bit. You can cut Grass Barrier with a sharp knife at this point if needed.
  • Once Grass Barrier is firmly installed into the ground, be sure to back-fill the trench and pack the soil in tightly. Think of this process like a “massage” where you will alternate filling and patting down each side to get the above-ground edge to stand up straight and evenly.

With landscape edging installed, the focus becomes maintaining the landscape edge.

With a product like Grass Barrier installed, edging your yard to maintain the edge you’ve created becomes quick and easy! You can even still use a weedeater with Grass Barrier as it won’t significantly damage the product since it’s made of a beefy HDPE plastic. Although, repeated impact with a weedeater can degrade the appearance of Grass Barrier a little bit over time if too much contact is made. The bottom line is that it’s much easier to keep edges tidy and trim than trying to recreate the edge every single time you perform your yard work. It also dramatically cuts down on the time it will take to edge your yard in the future. So much so that even homeowners (or renters!) who want to keep a meticulously manicured lawn edge, find that they can do the edging less often, and in less time, after a landscape edging like Grass Barrier has been installed!