DIY Lawn Edging: What Are Your Options if You Do It Yourself?

The actual process of lawn edging — or better, “landscape edging” — can sometimes feel like a chore. However, if you want your lawn to look nice and tidy, it’s a chore that simply must be done.

But does it have to be a chore?

Lawn or landscape edging products not only help you create those clean lines easier, but can make maintaining them simpler too. Furthermore, if you decide to do it yourself, DIY lawn edging products are available to make it affordable and easy as well.

So, what are your options in DIY lawn edging if you decide to do it yourself?

Some of the different types of DIY landscape edging options that exist include wood beams or railroad ties, bricks, stones, pavers and a myriad of commercial plastic edging products.

The advantages of these DIY landscape edging products is that you can find them almost anywhere—at big box retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowe’s. You can even find the cheapest of landscape edging products at discount or drug stores likes Dollar General and CVS.

Furthermore, they are generally affordable for almost anyone and they can be installed yourself, making them DIY for most people.

A disadvantage is that their relative inexpensiveness means they aren’t that hearty or durable and thus, can be damaged or weakened quite easily. They’ll also fade fairly quickly too. Sometimes, this might even negate any cost savings if they have to be replaced soon after purchases, or frequently. 

Another disadvantage is that the look is going to be very basic—“cookie cutter” so-to-speak. You will very likely also be limited to certain shapes for your landscaping.

On the other hand, there are other specialty landscape edging products that provide a more polished, professional-looking, aesthetic, while still being affordable and easy to install on your own.

One of these is Grass Barrier. Grass Barrier is an HDPE lawn and landscape edging product that mitigates all the disadvantages of other DIY landscape edging products.

The plastic material Grass Barrier is made from is HDPE—a recycled plastic product that is environmentally friendly, strong, and durable. It’s beautiful as well.

Even better, Grass Barrier is super easy to install as a DIY lawn and landscape edging option. The bottom of Grass Barrier has serrated teeth that slice easily into the ground with some basic tapping on top with a wooden hammer. It is also tall enough — inserting deeply enough into the earth — to provide a full barrier to weed and grass intrusion into your garden or beds. This means the lines of your lawn and garden stay clean and manicured for even longer.

Another DIY landscape edging product is Edge Right. Edge Right is similar to Grass Barrier but it’s made of COR-TEN, marine grade steel, that is beefy and long-lasting. It also “rusts” only in the best way—developing a beautiful, patina, over time.

Which one is “better” for your needs really depends on your desired design aesthetic and budget. Regardless, either one is an easy DIY landscape edging project for even beginners.