Grass Barrier Use Case: Preventing Weed Growth Under Fences

Background: Many homeowners and property managers face the problem of weeds growing under fences. These weeds not only detract from the overall appearance of the property but can also be labor-intensive and costly to continually remove. A customer sought an innovative and permanent solution to this problem and decided to use Grass Barrier.


  1. Assessment: The customer first assessed the length and width of the area under the fence where weeds typically grew. This would help in determining how much Grass Barrier is required for the project.
  2. Preparation: The customer removed any existing weeds and cleared the area under the fence. They also leveled the ground to ensure that the Grass Barrier would lay flat.
  3. Installation: a. The customer unrolled the Grass Barrier and laid it flat on the ground along the length of the fence. Since the product is 10 inches wide, it provided a significant coverage area under the fence to effectively block weeds. 
    b. To secure the Grass Barrier in place, the customer used landscape staples or stakes at intervals along the length of the barrier. This ensured that the Grass Barrier stayed flush with the ground and didn't move.
    c. Optionally, the customer could cover the Grass Barrier with a thin layer of mulch for aesthetic purposes.
  4. Monitoring: After installation, the customer monitored the area under the fence over the following weeks to observe the effectiveness of the Grass Barrier in preventing weed growth.


  • The Grass Barrier effectively blocked weeds from growing under the fence.
  • The customer noticed a significant reduction in maintenance as there was no longer a need for regular weeding or the use of herbicides.
  • The property's appearance improved with the clean lines along the fence without unsightly weeds.
  • The customer was satisfied with the result and the durability of the Grass Barrier, knowing it was an environmentally friendly, long-lasting solution.

Grass Barrier installed under fence for weed control


Conclusion: By using Grass Barrier in a horizontal application under a fence, the customer was able to effectively prevent the growth of weeds. This innovative use of the product resulted in reduced maintenance, a cleaner appearance, and a more sustainable solution for weed control.